Wael Zuaiter: Unkown. Next Wave

Jesse Cox’s love story set against the backdrop of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict Wael Zuaiter: Unkown has been developed into a full length hybrid theatre piece as part of the Next Wave festival in Melbourne.

It was first performed as part of Radio With Pictures back in 2012 at the Graphic festival at the Sydney Opera House and the features the amazing visual work of comics / illustrator / artist Matthew Huynh along with Aldos Massie.

You can see the Radio With Pictures version here

But I would suggest ignoring that link and go to the live show instead. It runs from the 29th of April till the 11th of May.

Tickets can be purchased through the Theatre Works website


Wael Zuaiter: Unkown. Artwork by Matthew Huynh

Wael Zuaiter: Unkown. Artwork by Matthew Huynh