Annie Zaidi and Mandy Ord have taken this well-known story in India, and re-imagined a future outcome for Anarkali that involves her finding a powerful way to transform and escape, rather than suffering a fate that was beyond her control.

From the place within walls she finds a way to freedom to live the life she wanted. This story was originally published in Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean, an intercontinental collection of speculative stories published by Allen and Unwin.

An audio only version of the story can be downloaded from the Radiotonic web page.

For more information about the story and the artists visit here Meet The Makers – Annie Zaid and Mandy Ord

Image: Anarkali by Mandy Ord

Image: Anarkali by Mandy Ord

Story: Annie Zaidi
Artwork: Mandy Ord
Sound: Mark Don
Music: Nathaniel Braddock / Laurence Pike
Animation: Benjamin Zaugg

Producers for Radio With Pictures: Gabriel Clark / Que Minh Luu
Producer for RN: Jesse Cox

Titles: Matt Taylor, The Explainers