The visual component was stunning, the voice was amazing and the story she told sent a shiver up the collective spine of the audience… One of the highlights of the Sydney Writers Festival ” – Geordie Williamson, Chief Literary editor for the Australian

Radio With Pictures

Radio With Pictures reunites the finest modes of storytelling there are – radio, and pictures. Part radio, part sequential art Radio With Pictures is a unique storytelling experience come to life as we team up writers, radio makers, musicians with comic, graphic and fine artists for radio hour like no other.

In 2012 Radio with Pictures performed their first show to a sell out audience on the stage of the Studio at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Graphic festival, partnered with and broadcast on Fbi radio. The show featured Lawrence Leung and Leigh Riggozi, Jon Thijia and Lachlann Conn, an original story from John Birmingham with illustrations by Matt Taylor and adapted by Simon Bedak and Jamie McNamara, Jesse Cox and Matt Huynh, Nina Las Vegas and Georgia Perry and Courtney Collins and Biddy Maroney.

Radio With Pictures is produced by Gabriel Clark and Que Minh Luu

Radio With Pictures returned in 2013 to the Sydney Opera House and the Graphic festival with another hour of original live storytelling this time partnering with ABC’s Radio National for the broadcast. The second season featured Claudia Karvan and Gria Shead, Don Walker and Marieke Walsh, Sam Cooney and Katie Parrish, Gina McKeon and Sam Wallman, Jan Ullman and Bailey Sharp,Aden Rolfe and Christopher Gooch, Pat Grant and Lorreli Vashti and Grace Lee.

In 2015 Radio With Pictures has produced 5 stories in partnership with ABC RN’s Creative Audio Unit exclusively for online and on the air.

Radio With Pictures is produced by Gabriel Clark and Que Minh Luu.